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[ emudev ] is a page, dedicated to the process of developing emulators, mainly brought to life, after I finished my first emulator: – a GameBoy emulator written in C++, with SDL, initially as a Windows release. After that I finished q00.nes – a NES emulator, also fully documented right here, with mappers, sound and some neat features.

Right now, I am developing q00.c64 – a C64 emulator, also written in C++, with SDL, to the CPU from the NES (6502) to good use, as the Commodore 64 used the (almost) exactly same CPU. Feel free to join me on this adventure!
After this emulator is done, I will start to work on q00.psx – a Sony PlayStation emulator, which will probably a much bigger challenge!

As I have aspirations to develop quite a few more emulators, I will constantly update the page with current progress, problems that need to be solved, and maybe a little motivation for a few readers, to start developing emulators on their own.

Always feel free to reach out, if you have the feeling I can help out with your project, or comment on the pages, if you have any question or spotted a mistake. Easiest way to contact me is on Discord under the alias lilaq.

So far, I hope you enjoy the read!