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after completing the Gameboy emulator up to a point where I am really pleased with it, it is now time for the next project. It was a really hard decision, as I want to do quite a few more systems in the future, but ultimately I decided to go for the NES / Nintendo Entertainment System.

The huge advantage in doing the NES is, it is running on a MOS 6502 CPU. the same CPU that is used in the Commodore 64 (C64), another project I really want to do. So, as soon as I start working on a [q00.c64], the CPU will already be ready to use from this project!

While working on the Gameboy emulator (, I noticed quite a few similarities when I stumbled up NES resources, or heard people talking about NES emulation in the Discord. So, as long as the knowledge about the Gameboy is still fresh in my mind, I wanted to use it to my advantage, to (hopefully) create a NES emulator in a comparable much shorter timeframe.

The NES consists of the same units as I used on the Gameboy. So, we will have to implement:

  • CPU
  • PPU
  • MMU

Let’s get cracking!


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